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Another true story: My blogsite, “Blogger Fever” went viral the past 2 weeks as I’ve been lucky enough to have been featured by my guru, Jomar Hilario in his e-mail marketing work.

It’s been an honor really. To have received so many congratulatory messages and inspiring words from such kind souls in and around the bloggerverse.

Then the flip side: Because of this too, my personal friends have suddenly made me THE expert in blogging (when in fact I am very much just a newbie and I know just bits and pieces here and there). As if to embarrass me some more, I’ve been bombarded by so many questions about blogging. These questions range from the mundane to the most technical. Majority of these I cannot answer (of course I cannot; I am no expert!) but promised to write about it soon in my blog.

Lucky for me, Holy Week 2011 came in and I found time to sit down and write a blog. Another lucky thing for me, my friend, Google was with me all throughout. This post is intended to answer the not so technical questions my friends were asking me about blogging. Hopefully, this will get them to start blogging themselves and experience the same things I have had. So here goes:

What is blogging?

A blog is a collection of writings on one or more subjects by a person, usually the owner of the website.

What’s the Point of Blogging?

Most bloggers write simply for the pleasure of writing. It is just a 21st Century method of communication, I guess.
Some people like the idea of having hundreds of people logging on to their website every day to see what’s new.
Some people blog for money and there are (according to google) a range of ways to make a blog earn money for you.

How Do You Get a Blog?

There are free blogs on sites like or wordpress. To start your blogging career, pick any of these 2.
 If you want to become the more serious blogger and plan to make this forever, then it is better to have a self-hosted blog.  You can go to for great deals.

What do Bloggers Write About?

Absolutely anything. For starters, you may blogs about ordinary everyday life, looking after children, life on a farm cooking, etc. I started out with blogs ala-diary. My first one I started The 1st platform I used was blogspot in 2007. I have forgotten the username and password for this account in a short 2 weeks. Lol!

How Do You Write a Blog?

Now this sounds technical. But I’m answering it like how an average Joe would - Just like a diary, sweetheart.
Or if you are serious, make it like a newsletter. Informative, objective.
But most bloggers’ style of writing is usually in the first person and is informal.

How to Be a Blogging Success Story?

My best answer to this would be – Do not try to be a success. Just make it a point to give visitors useful, preferably unique, knowledge that they cannot find elsewhere. Give, give and give some more. I learned early on to NOT start blogging to make money. Rather, you should be blogging to help people, to pass on your knowledge in a particular area. If visitors come to know you, to like you, and eventually trust you, they are more likely to follow your recommendations and allow you to earn .

How to be a Blogging Failure

I researched long and hard for this one. Google says : More than nine out of ten blogs fail because the blogger’s prime objective is to take money from blog visitors. Most bloggers fail to give a unique insight or perspective on any subject; they even outsource their blog posts or use an article spinner to write them.

So there, readers. I am heavily into blogging. When I finally “got the idea”, I could not stop. It really is a nice feeling to know that your blog is being read by people all over the world; that you are touching lives.

My mantra has always been “Information is Key!”. Thru my website/s, I am able to live this. For that alone, I am happy and content.

God bless and good luck to everyone who reads this – ronsalvador
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