IRC: My First Virtual Community

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IRC may be an old school chat client, but when I visited there last night, there were still lots who were online.  Sadly, I only found very few virtual friends who are still very much active.  For the past years, I’ve only joined trivia channels and tried to answer questions as fast as I could to beat the other players.  Though I’ve always failed to beat them and I blame the bad internet connection in the Philippines (here I go again; passing the buck LOL).

These trivia channels are filled with people from different parts of the world.  It was in those channels where I was able to make friends with people from other countries.  I was able to make really good friends to a few of them.  Trivia channels can be really funny with all the bloopers and funny guesses from the players.  I wish I compiled all the bloopers so I have something to ROFLOL at whenever I’m sad and need entertainment.  Alright, for the newbies out there, ROFLOL means Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud.  I should compile these acronyms and jargon words on IRC, methinks.  Because believe me, when you enter the room without any knowledge on these IRC terms, you’ll have the culture shock of your life. 

Before I joined trivia channels flocked by people from all over the world, my first home channel was a local one called #nu107.  Yup! Hash tag has been used on IRC even long before Twitter existed.  The ‘/me action’ command has been used on IRC even before people used it on Facebook private messages.  Anyway, my stint in #nu107 was one of the most colorful parts of my life LOL, yeah it was in the virtual world where I enjoyed life the most.  There was no trivia games, just pure chat.  Can you imagine me laughing real hard in front of the computer alone in my room?  It sounds insane but true.  I even experienced my body shaking because I was trying so hard to suppress my laughter because I was at the internet shop and it’d be very embarrassing!  It was difficult, I swear!  Well, that was before.  Nothing beats being with my unico hijo now here IRL (In Real Life). 

Okay, back to #nu107, I’ve made a lot of friends from this channel and I’m still In touch with most of them even after 12 long years.  It was a big group and we had eyeball every third Saturday of the month for three years straight!  We called that monthly event REB (Rolling Eye Ball).  Mayric’s (my favorite place) had always been jam-packed whenever there was REB.  People in #nu107 were all into music.

Ah those were the days.  I’ll stop reminiscing for a while.  Gotta get some sleep.   I will try to remember the terminologies that were used on IRC and compile them on my next post.  Goodnight, peeps *yawns*
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