My First Internet Addiction

The first time I got fascinated with the internet was in 1999 and my first internet addiction was IRC (Internet Relay Chat). It was in that virtual world where the introvert and extremely shy person in me was able to socialize with people I just virtually know.  IRC is/was not like the modern chat clients that we have now where you can see and hear your chat mates using the webcam and the headset.  IRC is/was purely text; no face and no voice.  These virtual people are just known for their handles or nicknames.  This is how IRC looks like:

screenshot from my desktop
I visited IRC again after a very long time just to insert a picture here.  Yup, that’s the reason why I only have 1 point on the score table (now that’s my defense mechanism at work lol). And oh, speaking of ‘lol’, it was on IRC where I first learned that acronym way back in 1999.  At that time, some people thought ‘lol’ meant something bad in Filipino.  But I’m sure now majority already know what it means.  LOL = Laughing Out Loud.  As a matter of fact, it has just been added to the Oxford English Dictionary along with the ‘heart’ sign (<3).  How cool is that!  I’ve tried looking up for the meaning of LOL and I've found it!  Now I don't know how I'm gonna search for the 'heart' sign.  I mean, what shoud I type in the search box? <3? Let's try.  No dictionary entries found for ‘<3’.  Pfft, I've tried to look for 'to heart', 'symbol for a heart' and 'heart symbol' but to no avail!  Okay, I'm frustrated now.  Let me play trivia on IRC for while ^_^
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