Internet Pioneer Paul Baran Died

I know I promised to give you the compilation of IRC terminologies but I need some time to remember them all (think I'm having a memory gap already).  Anyway, I just finished my online class with a Polish student and we talked about popular Polish people like Pope John Paul (who's going to have his beatification soon), Chopin (the classical composer), and Paul Baran,who died at the age of 84 on March 26, 2011 due to complications from lung cancer in Palo Alto, California.  He was born in Poland in 1926 but his family moved to the USA when he was two years young.

I decided to dedicate today's article to him since if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have the job that I love doing, I wouldn't be blogging and you wouldn't be reading this article.  He was one of the few people who helped invent the  internet.

Paul Baran was a Polish-American who pioneered in the development of computer network.  It started during the Cold War when the US military needed ways to communicate after a nuclear attack.  It was Baran who offered a solution: design a more robust communications network using "redundancy" and "digital" technology. The pessimists thought this idea was not feasible but Baran persisted.

I want to quote him when he discussed his vision about the new technology with Wired magazine: "Around December 1966, I presented a paper at the American Marketing Association called 'Marketing in the Year 2000.' I described push-and-pull communications and how we're going to do our shopping via a television set and a virtual department store. If you want to buy a drill, you click on Hardware and that shows Tools and you click on that and go deeper."  Isn't this what's exactly happening now?  Read more about him in this article.

So before we have this now called INTERNET, there were MILNET (Military Network) and ARPANET  (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network; an Academic Network) first.  Interesting facts.

On a personal note, I would like to thank this man for coming up with his bright ideas which benefited a lot of people, like me, who make a living using the internet.  I'm an ESL Online Teacher and there is no other way to do this job but through the internet.  For me, working at home using the internet is the most convenient job ever.  Online teaching is not the only thing that you can do to earn a living through the use of internet.  There is plenty of opportunities here in the virtual world.  You just need to open your eyes and your mind because really, in the virtual world, the possibilities are endless.  

I still want to say many things due to my overwhelming gratitude to Mr. Paul Baran but I gotta go back to work; next student is now online.  Until then.

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