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You may have heard a lot of good things about working at the comfort of your home using the computer and internet connection.  Just like in any kind of work, it also has pros and cons.  Last week, I have experienced ‘downtime’ twice.  First, the virtual classroom that we use at work was down for the whole day. Then a few days later, Skype was down for a few hours.  In cases like these, it can’t be helped but to miss a few classes and be less productive.  Other situations that may cause downtime are power outages and no internet connection on my part.  I can’t help but be upset with our electric company and internet service providers whenever these things happen.

The ones that I dread the most are getting hacked and getting infected by a virus then lose important files.  I haven’t experienced them yet and I don’t ever want to.  I’d take downtime anytime rather than getting hacked or infected by a virus.

But I realize that having the downtime isn’t all that bad.  For people who have been working online day in and day out, it could be the way of the universe of telling them to pause for a while and smell the flowers; stand up and do some stretching; go out and take a walk; get some fresh air and some sunshine.  Downtime doesn’t really take a long time.  Everything goes back to normal after a while so nothing to fret about.  Just hope that there’s no urgent job that needs to be done when it happens.  And even if there’s one, there’s nothing we can do with fortuitous events.  So next time it happens again, I’ll just enjoy the unexpected rest instead of worrying too much. 
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