Online Shopping for Mother's Day Gift

I was in the middle of a busy day when I realized that Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  It is three days from now!  It falls on May 8.  It’s my sister’s birthday and she’s also a mom.   It’s definitely her day and she deserves a gift!  Well, of course, my mother, too.

But just like me, there are people who stay online all day long and rarely go out.  What do we do?  Yep, online shopping is what we do.  For the past years, the growth of online stores and online shoppers has been unstoppable.  In this day and age, you can buy just about anything in a click of a mouse right at the comfort of your home.

Online shopping is just one of the many activities that netizens do in the virtual world.  Most of the time, when we need something, we already know which online store to check.  In this case, we are celebrating Mother’s Day, so I want an ideal gift for women.

Online stores come in various platforms.  Some have their own websites, some are using free website platforms, and some are simply using Facebook Fanpage.  The following are the online stores that I have checked out.

I Love You Pearls

I Love You Pearls
When thinking of an ideal gift for women, jewelries come to mind first for most people.  I’ve always thought that pearls represent the femaledom amongst the many kinds of jewelries.  Gold, diamond, silver and the likes can be worn by men, but I don’t remember seeing a guy wearing pearls.  Pearls radiate its beauty even without manipulation.  No cutting or polishing needed.  It’s already a beauty at its simplest form.  It is also known as the only gemstone that grows inside a living organism.  Just like that special woman in your life, it is such a treasure.  Get this treasure at a very affordable price from I Love You Pearls.  You may also ‘like’ their Facebook Fanpage for more updates.

Baghooks from Pinkbaby18

Pinkbaby18 offers a lot of girly accessories.  One of them is the bag-hook.  Fashionable and functional, a bag-hook is a must-have for every woman who is always on the go.  I’ve searched the net for this item and so far, it’s only in Pinkbaby18 where I have found very affordable bag-hooks without sacrificing the quality.

Beaded Accessories from Fashion and Me
Fashion and Me
This online store creates bead accessories by the hand.  You won’t believe your eyes when you see the price.  The accessories are nicely done at a very affordable price.  Please ‘like’ Fashion and Me on Facebook.

Have you noticed how many times I have mentioned the affordability and quality of the items?  It’s because I only want value for my hard-earned money.  And one more thing, I only go for trusted and reliable online stores.

The payment system varies with each online store.  Some accept payment through Paypal and credit cards.  Some accept bank deposits and money transfers.  The terms and conditions also vary, so make sure you read them before purchasing online.

It’s only 3 days to go before Mother’s Day and it may take time before the ordered item is delivered at your doorstep, but what the heck, it is better late than never.  And who doesn’t want to receive a gift whether it’s advance, on time or late.  After all, it’s the thought that counts.  Now get those fingers working and let’s go online shopping.

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