PayPal101 Ecommerce Hands-on Workshop

Good news to those who were not able to attend the first leg of PayPal101 Ecommerce Hands-on Workshop last May 21Ms. Eireen Diokno-Bernardo said the next workshop on June 18 will be more focused on the exercises on how to do things hands-on, like integrating PayPal in your website, etc.  Personally, this is what I really want to learn.  There may be some tutorials that I can find on the internet, but doing it hands-on with the experts is totally different.  From what I’ve seen in the first workshop, there are still many people who are confused; lots of questions were raised by the participants and were answered by the PayPal experts.
Eireen Diokno-Bernardo Ecommerce Specialist

With the advent of Information Age and Ecommerce, we can’t just let ourselves be left behind.  I’ve read from somewhere that if a business remained “offline” for the next 5 years, there is a chance that it will suffer bankruptcy.  To those people who are resisting change; who are afraid to transact online; who are afraid to send and receive money through the internet, please think again.  There is a safe way to do it now.  There are trusted platforms that we can use online now.  These are big companies that will definitely not risk having their names tarnished.  We have PayPal now.

I work in an industry where the salary comes from other countries.  Since day one that I have been using PayPal, there was only one incident where I got scared of losing my hard-earned money and it was my fault.  I was linking my Eon Cyber Account to PayPal and entered a wrong set of numbers.  Instead of the account number, I typed the card number.  It was my first time to call the customer service of PayPal and was having cold feet for I knew I’d be calling a center in another country.  Good thing the guy who attended to me spoke very clearly, kindly and politely.  He assured me that the money will go back to my PayPal account and true enough; it did go back after a few days.  I also called the customer service of Unionbank about the mistake that I have made and the girl who attended to me gave me clear instructions on how I can correct my mistake in a very polite manner.  I was charged by PayPal a small amount for the mistake that I have made, too small for my big mistake.  What mattered back then was I was able to get my hard-earned money back.  I felt safer more than ever since that experience.  Thanks to the partnership of PayPal and Unionbank.

We are now in the digital era, with how things are going, I can tell that PayPal is going to be a necessity like credit cards and ATMs.  Lots of people are now selling their goods and services online.  Lots of people are now into shopping online.  The number of people working at home is increasing.  These people transact online.  If you are one of them, then it is a must that you attend the second leg of Paypal101 Ecommerce Hands-on Workshop.  Don’t get stuck in using money transfer platforms that charge a fortune for the transaction fee.  Mark your calendar for the next workshop.  It’s on June 18.

Workshop Description:
“Paypal 101 is a hands-on workshop best for start-up entrepreneurs, for those who own their own merchandising websites, bloggers, virtual marketers and service career professionals.  This is for those who wanted to earn real passive income or make a business career online.” 
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