Xend Express: A Vital Partner for Every Online Store

I just had another day of invaluable learning.  I've just finished having the second leg of PayPal101 Ecommerce workshop and I've learned new things that are must-haves for online businesses.  Ms. Eireen Diokno-Bernardo pointed out the three important things for an online business to have.  The online presence, the online payment system and logistics.  I've learned a lot today but I'll be focusing on my favorites; the two widgets that'll help boost the credibility of the online store and the confidence of the buyers towards it.

These widgets are just two of the useful features of Xend Express, a good logistic partner to most online stores.  The Xend Tracking Widget and MyXend Badge.

Xend Tracking Widget
Xend Express allows you to embed their tracking widget into your own online store to allow your customers track the delivery of their order right in your website.  As an online buyer myself, I find it more convenient if I can track my order from the very website of the online store where I bought the goods.

MyXend Badge
This badge embedded  on your website shows your activity as an online store.  It shows the number of successful transactions and deliveries to your buyers.  The statistic will come from the record of Xend Express so your customers are assured that these numbers are real and not manipulated.  Just another come-on for your customers for it shows how active your online store is.

Having a third party entity as your partner in your online business surely increases your credibility to your current and potential customers.  It's like having another organization vouche for your reliability.  So if you have an online store, make sure you have good partners to help your business grow.  I almost forgot to mention, Xend Express also picks up the goods from your place and deliver to your customers.  How cool is that!  No need to go out and carry the heavy package to a courier's center.

There are other things about the workshop that are worth sharing here but I am pressed for time; I'm off to Wolfgang's concert at the MET.

It's raining outside and the free umbrella from Unionbank comes in handy.  Thanks, Unionbank!
The next PayPal101 Ecommerce Workshop is on July 16. You can still catch up!

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