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It used to be that the method on replacing Blogger favicon with my own was too difficult to understand.  That's why no matter how much I want to get rid of that very prominent white and orange B icon next to my website address, I just couldn't.  But last night, while I was exploring the dashboard of my blog (I was experimenting on sticky post), I noticed a new feature in the Design area!  Favicon!  I swear it wasn't there before. I couldn't believe my eyes  because for the longest time, I've been meaning to remove that B icon and put my own favicon to have a professional image on my site, ehem.  And now that it's here, just few clicks procedure, I was caught unprepared.  I don't have a logo or any image that will give my blog its identity.  So for the meantime, please bear with my picture, it's what I've put there temporarily. Temporary only, I promise.
I don't know when it started but I'm glad Blogger has this new feature now which is user-friendly.  All you need is a square image; 16x16pixels.  It has to be a perfect square, otherwise, Blogger will not accept it.  Now go to your Design tab and under Page Elements, you will find the Favicon feature.  Just click Edit, browse for the image you want to upload, click Save and you get your own favicon!  Piece of cake, yes?

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