Ecommerce Workshop Part 3!

It was my third time to attend Paypal101 Ecommerce Workshop yesterday and as expected, something new was learned again.  This time we were enlightened about PayPal Underwriting Policy.   This was discussed yesterday by Ken Tan from PayPal and Ms. Zeny, an Accountant.  This and other important topics were covered but I can’t discuss them here.

I loved the first two events but yesterday was my favorite so far (there are more Paypal101 events to come!).  First, I was able to be a part of the presentation and it really thrilled me.  Second, I was able to meet more people this time than the last two events.  Yesterday was a lot different; people were really participating and actually helping out each other in understanding the topics and in doing the exercises.  Everyone was smiling all through out the workshop.  Kudos to Ms. Eireen Diokno-Bernardo, she never fails to connect with her audience; her humor is adorable and people love her for just being herself even in front of a big audience.

Everything went well and spontaneous.  People were pumped, exchanging business cards and promising to keep in touch even after the event.  Ms. Vivien Mangalindan of Show and Tell and other familiar personalities were there.  But I think what really jump-started the event was the warm up led by Ms. Lynn Monsanto.  Yes, we started the day with a fun exercise and a meaningful prayer and we ended it with everyone smiling and satisfied.

If you are already in the E-commerce business or want to start one, please join us in the next event on August 20, Saturday.  Please email me so I can assist you.
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