7 Reasons Why You Should Get Eon Cyber Account

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For the past days, I have been encouraging the online teachers who I’m handling to get themselves Eon Cyber Account.  You see, I have this small business where I provide Online Teachers to some ESL Online Schools.  So it follows that I take care of the payroll and for more than a year now, I take the pain of falling in line in 3 different banks every payday – that’s twice a month.  We all work at home.  Since my time outside is very limited, I sometimes couldn’t finish all 3 banks and had to go back the next day for the unfinished business in another bank; especially when the line is too long – which is the case almost always.

Some teachers got their own Eon Cyber Account already and getting their salaries as soon as they finish their attendance report for a particular cut-off.  But there are still some who haven’t applied for it yet and they still have to wait for me to go to their respective banks.  Looking at this scenario, them getting an Eon Cyber Account is definitely a win-win situation for all of us.  I don’t have to go out and fall in line (a long line at that) at 2 or 3 banks and they will receive their salary as soon as they’re done with their last class and attendance sheet.

I want to enumerate the advantages and conveniences that an Eon Cyber Account can give a person to encourage the remaining four teachers and the others who might find it useful, too.  I just finished talking to my friend over the phone; she’s an online seller and I’ve learned from her that most of the online sellers and buyers she knows are still unaware of Eon Cyber Account and how useful it is going to be in their online payments.

But first, what is Eon Cyber Account, some of you might ask.  Eon is an internet-based deposit account by Unionbank which also serves as a Visa Debit Card.

Now here are my reasons:

1.    Easy Application 
  • Fill up an application form (have your TIN and SSS numbers ready)
  • Present at least 2 valid IDs
  • Submit a photocopy of the presented valid IDs
  • Pay P350.00 for you annual fee
  • Come back to pick up your Eon card (the teller will tell you when to come back, won’t take long)
2.    No minimum balance to maintain.

3.    Transfer funds to other Unionbank accounts or any other bank account in the Philippines.

4.    Pay bills online.

5.    Get verified in PayPal even if you don’t have a credit card.
       PayPal requires their account holders to verify themselves through a credit card or debit card.  Before they can withdraw their money.  Debit Cards are only accepted if they have the Visa or MasterCard logo.  For those who are having difficulty getting a credit card, Eon is the best option.
6.    Get verified in just a matter of minutes. 
      With credit card, you have to wait for the next bill to get the expuse number that you’ll need to get verified.  With Eon, right after you have linked it with PayPal, you may get the expuse number right off the bat.  Just log in to your Eon Cyber Account and get the 4-digit number in the transaction history.  Key in the numbers to your Paypal account and voila, you’re instantly verified!

7.    No transaction fee when transferring money from PayPal to your Eon Cyber Account. 
       Other banks charge from P75.00 to P200.00.  I, myself, had the experience of being charged P200.00 each and every time I transfer money from my PayPal account to my other bank account.  I switched to Eon right away as soon as I discovered about it.
But what I love the most is that I can do payroll with it.  Falling in line at the bank is a pain in the neck, no kidding.  I’m sure online shoppers and sellers will also enjoy the same kind of convenience if they follow suit.

Plus a BONUS reason, it's Eon Visa Debit Card so you can pay your purchases with it when you go shopping!  Just make sure it has enough fund before you use it to pay for your purchases.

And oh, I almost forgot.  Xend Express is giving a 10% discount to those who will ship a package if they can present an Eon Visa Debit Card.  Promo period is July 15 to August 15, 2011.  Click this for details.

Please leave a comment or drop me a line ( should you need assistance in applying for Eon or using it to verify with PayPal.

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Ecommerce Workshop Part 3!

It was my third time to attend Paypal101 Ecommerce Workshop yesterday and as expected, something new was learned again.  This time we were enlightened about PayPal Underwriting Policy.   This was discussed yesterday by Ken Tan from PayPal and Ms. Zeny, an Accountant.  This and other important topics were covered but I can’t discuss them here.

I loved the first two events but yesterday was my favorite so far (there are more Paypal101 events to come!).  First, I was able to be a part of the presentation and it really thrilled me.  Second, I was able to meet more people this time than the last two events.  Yesterday was a lot different; people were really participating and actually helping out each other in understanding the topics and in doing the exercises.  Everyone was smiling all through out the workshop.  Kudos to Ms. Eireen Diokno-Bernardo, she never fails to connect with her audience; her humor is adorable and people love her for just being herself even in front of a big audience.

Everything went well and spontaneous.  People were pumped, exchanging business cards and promising to keep in touch even after the event.  Ms. Vivien Mangalindan of Show and Tell and other familiar personalities were there.  But I think what really jump-started the event was the warm up led by Ms. Lynn Monsanto.  Yes, we started the day with a fun exercise and a meaningful prayer and we ended it with everyone smiling and satisfied.

If you are already in the E-commerce business or want to start one, please join us in the next event on August 20, Saturday.  Please email me so I can assist you.
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Add a Favicon to Your Blogger

blogger iconImage by Bruno Abreu via Flickr
It used to be that the method on replacing Blogger favicon with my own was too difficult to understand.  That's why no matter how much I want to get rid of that very prominent white and orange B icon next to my website address, I just couldn't.  But last night, while I was exploring the dashboard of my blog (I was experimenting on sticky post), I noticed a new feature in the Design area!  Favicon!  I swear it wasn't there before. I couldn't believe my eyes  because for the longest time, I've been meaning to remove that B icon and put my own favicon to have a professional image on my site, ehem.  And now that it's here, just few clicks procedure, I was caught unprepared.  I don't have a logo or any image that will give my blog its identity.  So for the meantime, please bear with my picture, it's what I've put there temporarily. Temporary only, I promise.
I don't know when it started but I'm glad Blogger has this new feature now which is user-friendly.  All you need is a square image; 16x16pixels.  It has to be a perfect square, otherwise, Blogger will not accept it.  Now go to your Design tab and under Page Elements, you will find the Favicon feature.  Just click Edit, browse for the image you want to upload, click Save and you get your own favicon!  Piece of cake, yes?

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Article Checker for Plagiarism

Image by library images2010 via Flickr
 I received an assignment to write two articles last night.  Along with it was a set of instructions.  The first instruction was “we require unique, all original content. Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM or SPINNING allowed”.  It was indeed a strict instruction so I had to make sure that my articles follow that rule.  So how do I check my own articles just to make sure that they really are not violating the rule given to me and, more importantly, that I’m not violating any law that has something to do with stealing other people’s original work.

Well, after consulting with my best friend Google, it led me to the tool that I needed - Article Checker.  Now let’s try and see how it works.
  Article Checker for Plagiarism
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Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsImage by Colin ZHU via Flickr
If you had a website, especially if it was a business website, then you would surely want to know if it was effective and serving its purpose.  How do you know if it was reaching out to a broader audience and read by as many people as possible?  If you’re a business owner, how do you know if your website is reaching out to your target market?  Tell if your visitors are staying long to really read your contents.

There is one tool that’s essential to webmasters and website owners; Google Analytics.  It provides important information and statistics which help analyze the traffic that visits the website.  This way, you are better equipped on how you can improve your website and make sure it’s serving its purpose.

Google Analytics is free so you can start exploring it now.  Let me show you how to install it in your website.

 How to Install Google Analytics in Your Website
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