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When an innovator dies, we wonder what other bright ideas die with him.  We thank Steve Jobs for coming up with really cool things that made it easy for us to work virtually.  He could have contributed more but cancer stole him from us so early.  Darn cancer!

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I love the 'connecting the dots' part.

I love this article from Gizmodo --- >


The PayPal101 Ecommerce Workshop Series

PayPal101 Live Ecommerce Hands-on Workshop
Date:  Oct. 15, 2011
Time:  10:00am to 3:00pm
Venue:  Netopia SM Megamall
LG/F (Tunnel) Mega A Bldg., SM Megamall, EDSA cor.
J. Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City 

Featured Topic: Auction as an Ecommerce Business Strategy.
Worldwide Trend,,,, 
Guest Speaker: 
Workshop's Goal:  To have more Filipino products exposed online in the worldwide market. 

About the Trainer:
Eireen Diokno-Bernardo is the Official Training and Business Consulting Partner of PayPal, Ecommerce Specialist in the Philippines, Ebay Top Rated Power Seller and Logistic Business Development Strategist for International Online Trading and Warehousing


PayPal101 workshop series is an on-going hit to people who are into and want to engage in Ecommerce here in the Philippines.  The last five (5) workshops were well-attended and information-packed that we are so inspired to do better on the last three installments.   Aside from the regular topics on ecommerce (web presence, online payment system and logistics), we also discuss additional topic for each series that will give our participants more ideas on how to earn online.  We invite experts in their own fields to discuss with us other means to earn online.  We had Randy Manaloto of, Khoa Bui talked about Digital Products, accountant Ms. Zeny talked about the registration process and legalities among others.  

The Mainstays

Ken Tan of PayPal usually flies all the way from Singapore to tell us more about PayPal and enlighten us on things we are confused on with regards to PayPal.  Participants would ask him about their concerns and he readily answers them and clears things. 

Unionbank’s product EON Visa Debit Card is perfect match for your PayPal account for so many reasons.  First, it’s so easy to get one. Really!  Second, it can verify your PayPal account in just a matter of minutes. No need to wait for the bill, just check your transaction online (it’s also called EON Cyber Account).  Third, it doesn’t charge you when you transfer your money from PayPal to your Eon account.  
Uniobank also introduced to us their new product eMoney Exchange at the Sept. 17 paypal101 workshop.  It is about the tie up between GCash and Unionbank.  The participants were thrilled to know that they don’t have to go to Gcash business centers anymore just to encash their Gcash money.  They were taught how to Cash Out, Top Up and do inquiry on their account balance for a very small fee.  Definitely much much lower than the fee you incur when you Cash Out in gcash business centers.  Saves money, time and energy – no need to leave the comforts of our homes.

Xend Express
Ron of Xend Express tells us how important logistics is in online businesses that sell and delivers goods.  They offer widgets that can be very helpful and at the same time add credibility to your online stores. The Xend Badge and the Express Tracking widget.  The badge shows your clients your statistics as an online seller like the number of successful deliveries and other info.  The tracking widget is so functional; your clients can track the delivery of their orders through this widget embedded on your website.  And my favorite feature - they pick up the goods from your place; meaning you don’t have to go out anymore and bring your package to the nearest courier business center – again, saves a lot of time and energy.

After knowing all these tools, Ms. Eireen Diokno-Bernardo then shows us how to integrate everything in our online businesses and even gives a follow up free online class the following week.  She wants to make sure all the participants get what the workshop is promising.  Her goal – create as many merchants as possible in the Philippines – merchants who earn a lot.



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