Brainbench: The Bench Games

Brainbench's Bench Games is ongoing and about to end in 12hours. Bench Games is a friendly international intellectual competition where countries will be competing in two events: 1) The country that certifies the greatest number of their citizens and 2) The country that certifies the most citizens at Master Level (Score 4.0 or higher). With 12 hours still remaining, the Philippines is positioned at 6th place on both events.

In line with these worldwide competition, Brainbench is making all of their certification tests, in over 600 skill areas, FREE to their members.

Aside from the prestige and honor for their country, each person who scores the highest on a given test will be awarded with a $199 worth of subscriptions.  Not to mention the opportunity to make your resume shine with your Brainbench scores.

The FREE access to Brainbench 600 certification tests is happening between March 5th and March 9th, 2012.  If you haven't taken your tests yet, you still have 12 hours to do it - still a lot of time.  If you aren't a member yet, you may register through this link
and let's move the Philippines up the rank as you beef up your curriculum vitae for free.

Brainbench provides online certifications mainly in the Information Technology field and others in general. The company has provided its services to over 5000 corporate and over 6 million individual clients.

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