Get Pinspired by Pinerly and Pin-A-Quote on Pinterest

In just a short period of time, I got to sign up to four social media platforms that look the same – they all start with ‘Pin’ and they all come in red.  Well two of them are offshoots of the most popular one – Pinterest.
Pinterest must be a very effective platform in driving traffic to one’s website that some companies have followed suit.


Pinterest came first.  Conceptualized in December 2009 and just after two years, it became one of the top 10 largest social network services in December 2011.  The following month, January 2012, the site had 11.7 million unique users.  By March 2012, it became the 3rd largest social network.  Beat that!

It is an online pinboard where you can organize and share online the things that you are fond of. It became very popular especially to women, considering that 97% of the network’s Facebook likes were made by women.  It was said that online magazines and retail stores benefited the most on this platform because only images are pinned here.  But what about those websites that are without images?  Worry not because after Pinterest comes Pin-A-Quote.


Pin-A-Quote is the solution if you want to make use of the Pinterest platform but your website is mostly text and not much images.  It lets you turn some texts in your article into image quotes which you can pin on Pinterest.  The procedure is so simple.  Just like the other platforms, you need to have the Pin-A-Quote bookmarklet on your bookmark toolbar.  Highlight the text that you want to turn into image quote then click on the bookmarklet.  A box will then appear where you can edit the text you highlighted.  Then click Post to pin it on Pinterest.

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It comes in Standard version and Pro.  Standard version is free but you can’t do much with your image quote.  It’ll just come in plain grey and that’s it.  On the other hand, the Pro version let’s you edit and change the quote font, author font, quote color, author color and the background color.  It makes your image quote more attractive.  The Pro version is very affordable at $1.99.

After just a few days, I stumbled upon another social media platform that looked like a twin of Pinterest.  Unlike Pin-a-quote, this one has nothing to do with Pinterest and I bet they are rivals.  It’s Pinspire.


Pinspire, like what most people say, is a copycat of Pinterest.   Take a look at their interface below.



Very much the same, eh?  It is common for businesses to copy one another.  Some would copy an idea and create a better version of it and introduce to the market.  But despite the copying, they still come up with a different design or approach so they can still have their own identity.  I am really at awe at how Pinspire had the guts to copy almost everything from Pinterest.  Though I’m sure there are slight differences between the two websites.  Let’s check what the differences are.

Pinspire lets you select a country, Pinterest doesn’t.  So you can narrow down your search for a particular country or you can just choose to see pins from your own country.  I’m just having a quick look at both websites.  If you find other differences, please tell us so by putting it on the comment box below.

Moving on, the last one is Pinerly.  This new platform is still not yet public and you will only get registered through an invite.


Pinerly is your Pinterest dashboard. It's not public yet and people only get to register through invites.  They are taking it slow, click here to find out why.

To quote from Pinerly website:
What is Pinerly all about?
"Pinerly is a tool for Pinterest. We founded Pinerly to help fill the gaps we found when marketing ourselves on this terrific traffic driving platform.With Pinerly you are able to graphically measure real-time click throughs, likes and re-pins for "campaigns" created through Pinerly. These valuable metrics help you understand what works and doesn't and finally take control.With time, Pinerly will continue to improve the depth of its metrics and automation tools. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive analytics dashboard available on the web."
It was created to serve as your analytics for your Pinterest account to see how effective your campaigns are.

I think all them four are good and we can use all of them to boost the popularity of our websites and businesses.  Why not get the best of all four worlds!

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