Pin A Quote is Now Called Share As Image

This was what I saw when I checked the website earlier.  Pin A Quote is now called Share as Image.

I guess they have changed their name to be able to serve other platforms, have their own identity and not be just associated with Pinterest.  I say it’s a good move.  So now you can share your text turned into images to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  Another thing that has changed is the price.  Share As Image PRO version now costs $2.99 – still affordable!  And those of you who have purchased Pin A Quote PRO for $1.99 can have the upgrade for free; so no worries.   

Share As Image still come in Free version.  Let’s see the difference between the Free version and the PRO version.

Free version

PRO version

With the Free version, you cannot do anything but to pin it as is - you can't edit at all and it only comes in grey.  With the PRO version, you can edit the font, the font size, the text color and the background color according to your preference.  Seeing the big difference between the two, I say the PRO version is worth the $2.99!


  1. Hmmm. I do not know anything about Pin A Quote until now. This is interesting. Will definitely check this out. If I see that it's worth it, then the PRO fee is something affordable.

  2. I wasn't even aware of this website before the name change. I was looking for something with this functionality a few weeks ago. I'll try it out.

  3. just learned about pin a quote and share as image here.. :)

  4. i'll try this website out thanks for sharing

  5. Pinning has indeed become quite popular. Thanks for sharing this.:)

  6. I hope they have more designs to their quotes. =)

  7. This is new to me.
    I know about pinterest
    but this pin a quote?
    Better to see it now.

  8. Is this somewhat same as Pinterest? I just hope it doesn't violate any copyright from anyone.

    1. Nope, it's not the same as Pinterest, it complements it by allowing people to post texts as images. The real copycat is Pinspire. See my other post about it

  9. sounds interesting. thanks for sharing :)

  10. Why on earth should people want to publish quotes as images, when that excludes blind people? It's way easier to format a text in quote style anyway.

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